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Those who think they know...know nothing!

  • Those who think they know...know nothing!
  • Those who think they know...know nothing!

I heard on the radio this morning, a leading Carlton supporter who is a drive host on an AM radio station, give heaps to the Carlton FC and the way it is handling the team now.  Then a “passionate” supporter called to encourage this host, who he says is “charismatic” and “knows what he is talking about” to go down there and fix whatever the problem is down at Carlton, this host thanked this supporter.

Then on Footy Classified, Hutchy showed why he was dumped from the Footy Show, he really knows nothing about what it takes to make a football cub great or knows nothing really of interest about footy for that matter. Damian Barrett is another who wants to show how “great” of a journalist he is by making statements about Carlton, where for the majority of supporters, both Carlton and non-Carlton supporters, know he really doesn’t know what he is talking about.  Then there is Kane Cornes, who has a really deep, seated hatred for Carlton and does not see anything positive at all, which means that he is so unqualified to comment about the club because he just cannot be objective.  Then there are the so-called supporters who believe that Bolts will be gone during this season or towards the end.

Then we have the other spectrum, those who see Carton for what they are trying to achieve, who know and understand the process and the time it takes to get to where we want it to get to. These others are coaches, media commentators, ex-players, even President's of other clubs, are in the majority in this regard, know, understand and believe in what Carlton and Bolts are doing is on the right track. 

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Some people walk around with blinkers on them and they don’t see how long it took Richmond to get to where they are. The way they were treated in the media, by supporters when they were in the same position years ago. Or where Hawthorn was in the similar position. They don’t see that, all they see is their self-belief in their viewpoint that they know better. They don’t!

I too am disappointed in the outcomes of the last six matches, but I am not downhearted – by no means whatsoever. I see the future and what some of these players will be with more game time under their belts.  I see and understand what road must be taken to make sure that we are a great club again and this starts with ensuring that there are no more “knee-jerk” reactions as has been in the past.

I used to respect this radio host, but now I just see what he and the others mentioned above are all about, trying to bat their own agendas with no real understanding of what is required to make a club a success.  If you are a supporter of the club, stop trying to disrupt the process, stop trying to make yourself look like the hero or the one with superior knowledge. You are only after the glory for yourself and don’t really have the club’s interests at heart, only to show how great you are.

We, the supporters who know what it is going to take to make Carlton a force again and we won’t forget these people when Carlton does become great and we will remember every negative, destructive word you say.  When the time comes to celebrate once more, you will not be invited, for you never believed in the process in the first place and didn’t believe what was possible. Since Bolts has been appointed, we have believed in what he was doing and what was required to make Carlton a force again, you don't, you never will.


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