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Boxer Browne adds a little Ali to his game

  • Boxer Browne adds a little Ali to his game

    Australian boxer Lucas Browne will try to emulate Muhammad Ali in his fight with Ruslan Chagaev.

Lucas Browne is attempting to supplement his awesome power with a dash of Muhammad Ali's style as he bids to become the first Australian to win a portion of the heavyweight world boxing title.

Browne leaves Sydney next week for his clash with Uzbekistan's WBA regular heavyweight world champion Ruslan Chagaev in Grozny, Chechnya on March 5.

Renowned for the fearsome power which has put 20 KOs in his 23-0 record, 36-year-old Browne knows he can't rely solely on that asset against such an experience and savvy opponent.

Southpaw Chagaev (34-2-1, 21 KOs) has only been stopped once, by former long standing world champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Browne, who will enjoy a 16cm height advantage, has been working with trainer Rodney Williams on improving his fitness, agility and head movement in an effort to overcome the 37-year-old Chagaev.

"Rodney, has helped me create the angles, the ins and outs, the moving around and bouncing around, a bit more Muhammad Ali-esque, so to speak," Browne told AAP on Tuesday.

"I've got the power, fitness is always the key.

"If I'm fit enough to be able to move around and throw a jab out and to be able to continuously throw my hard punches then I'll win the fight."

"I think the moving around, the angles, to make him miss as well, I think that's the key in this one.

"I see the first or five rounds as being somewhat of a feeling out process, just making sure that he feels my power, see how he reacts to that and wear him down over the late rounds.

Browne isn't focusing on a KO, but neither does he want the fight to go down to a points decision.

"He (Chagaev) is best friends with the (Chechnyan) president. I don't think a decision would be wise on my part," Browne said.

"Browne expects Chagaev to try and press the fight.

"He is somewhat one dimensional but at the same time extremely effective," Browne said.

Williams apart, Browne is being assisted by Britain's former super middleweight world champion Nigel Benn.

Describing his role as Browne's cheerleader, Benn says he's trying to instil his passion in the Australian.

"He has all the qualities to be the first Australian heavyweight champion of the world," Benn said.

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